Despite what you might think when reading my name, I was born and grown up in Cassino, a town situated in central Italy.
If I had to say how I became passionate about photography , i have necessarily talk about my first trip to Iceland in 2016.

I remember that I bought a camera to capture the most beautiful places, to keep them as memories. The impact with the wild and majestic nature of Iceland conquered me.

Once back home, observing the photos taken , I thought that I wanted to go deeper into this interest  for nature and photography.

At first I thought that a good camera was enough to take good pictures, but it wasn't like that. I began to devote all my free time to photography and the more I devoted myself to it, the more I entered into a relationship with nature and the more I felt that this was my dimension.

From the great landscapes of Iceland, Norway and Lapland, to the Dolomites, the Abruzzo forests, Tuscan hills, what attracted my attention more and more was the spectacle of nature itself.

With the passing of time I wanted an ever deeper contact with it: I didn't want to be simply in front of Nature, but inside Nature, in an ever more intimate relationship. For this reason, my attention was drawn more to the details. If I had to define what photography is as a result of my experience, it is a journey of discovery of myself and the world.

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