Fine Art Prints

Each one is made on high quality fine art paper, numbered and accompanied by a certificates of authenticity. Only limited edition prints.


Each print is numbered and associated with a certificate of authenticity. Prints are offered only in limited edition in the following sizes:

20x30 edition of 50 pieces
30x45 edition of 30 pieces
40x60 edition of 20 pieces
60x90 edition of 10 pieces

Prints of different sizes and other additional services can be made upon request. If you need additional information, please contact me, I will be happy to help you.

I chose to use Canson® Infinity ARCHES® 88 310 g/m² - Matte paper, which is best suited to the realization of my prints, enhancing the details.

ARCHES® master papermakers have been producing very high-quality fine art papers since 1492, and today ARCHES® is the only paper mill in France using a traditional cylinder mould process for all its papers, including ARCHES® 88. Made of 100% cotton, it offers an ultra-smooth surface finish and a soft and supple feel to the touch. ARCHES® 88 has a pure white tone and is completely free of any optical brighteners (OBAs).

The unique inkjet receiving layer produces prints with superb colour rendition, deep blacks and natural whites offering photographers, artists and printmakers the opportunity to create images with a superb tonal range, excellent highlights and mid- tones.

ARCHES® 88 is a prestigious printmaking paper and offers artists, printmakers and photographers alike the ability to create digital fine art prints on an authentic ARCHES® paper for both limited and open edition work.

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